Sojourners’ Series: Today’s drink; High standard

Exodus 26:1-2
“More over you shall make the Tabernacle with ten Curtains of Fine Twined Linen, and blue, and Purple, and Scarlet: with Cherubims of cunning work shall you make them.The length of one Curtain shall be eight and twenty cubits (42 feet), and the breadth of one Curtains four cubids (6 feet): and every one of the Curtains shall have one mesure.

From these two verses and the entire chapter, we capture the high standards of God’s way of doing things. With very detail in colour and measurements, He ensured that His high standards of service is maintained by man as mentioned further in verse 30; nothing was to be changed or added. Reflecting back to farming God’s way training we had last week, Andy and the Steins explained measurements when planting from seed to another seed with tiny details that there is. Some could see as unnecessary details. It dawn on me that God was not just ordering plants just to grow randomly but it was with order of spaces so as to produce maximum yield. That means every thing we do should have an intentional desire of God’s High Standards despite our imperfections. Whatever your hands finds to do today, work at it in such away that it reflect God’s presence in your life- To The High standard.
Linen – was a type of the rightouseness of Christ;
Blue – represents the heavenly place of Christ;
Purple – His Royalty as King
Scarlet – His Shed blood
Cherubims – His holiness

Happy High Standard Day

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