Trumpet sounded  signaling  a drum booming  for attention, in seconds clash of cymbals, harp and lyre follow suit as the procession snakes  to  gorgeously  decorated graduation dais.

It was 28th September 2018 when Kenya Highlands Evangelical University (KHEU) graduated 118 students from various training programs. Out of these 45 of them were from TCN certificate program. They had completed a one year training on Theology of Sustainable Community Development using  holistic  approach referred to  in Kiswahili  as “JUMLA”

The program is run by Transformational Compassion Network in partnership with KHEU.

This is the second group since the program began in 2016  graduating  the first group in 2017 September. So far 199 students have successfully completed the training.

It is an integral training,  empowering churches  to transform communities in a holistic way; the integration of spiritual, social and physical aspect of life.

The students comes from various denominations across Kenya. The farthest student was Joseph Nkurunziza  from Africa Gospel Church Burundi  who is also a student at at Kaboson Pastors  Training College.

JUMLA APPROACH – ‘JUMLA’ is a Kiswahili word meaning whole,  and to all, in this context it’s an approach that addresses all aspect of human life. Training churches and church leaders to reach out holistically communities around them.

The program was adopted and contextualized from Disciple Nation Alliance –DNA and Community Health Education– CHE.

The program is concerned with the analysis of belief systems and the application of the Biblical truths in a manner that bring glory to God.  The teaching  takes flipped classroom approach that moves away

from the traditional approach of lecture. This is so in a deliberate belief that learners’ discovery is key to effective acquisition of knowledge.

The University Chancellor Rev. Dr. Robert Langat awarded the certificates assisted by The University chancellor Prof Wilson Langat and Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof Robert Langat.  Mr. Clement Cheruiyot, TCN chairman Kericho county represented TCN during the graduation. Present also was Mr and Mrs  Joseph and Ruth Chelule.


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