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TCN Kenya

We IGNITE the desire for attitudinal change, 

INSPIRE for transformational actions and 

INFORM for acquisition of knowledge and skills

Africa's response to Christian faith has been remarkable, especially from the second half of the twentieth century when membership of the Christian community rose from about 60 million in 1960 to 599 million in 2018 having the most Christians globally. These impressive figures do not reflect corresponding levels of development, if indeed faith does impact development. The church has missed theology in which the apparently ordinary issues of life, such as food production, social justice, peace-building, governance, health and wealth creation among others are intricately interwoven with the fundamental doctrines of the faith. They are not additions to the Christian mandate but part and parcel of the Mission of God.


It is on this backdrop, therefore, that TCN programs were established. The programs place special emphasis on the importance of mindset transformation and presents the Biblical worldview as the key to social and cultural transformation.


Church and Community Leaders Trained Since 2016

Over 500

Community Projects

Over 200

Community Social and Compassionate Activities

Over 55

Community/Individual Economic Activities Running


Learners Currently Under the Training


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