From employee to employer

“Why poverty in Africa? The answer has very little to do with material re-sources. The key to cul-ture transformation lies in the transformation of the mindset or Worldview of a people. The seed (ideas, beliefs) that you sow will determine the fruit (real-world consequences) that you reap”
Touched by those mind boggling statements from Disciple Nation Alliance material, Daniel Kibet Langat (pictured) went into deep thoughts.
It was 2016 August when Daniel enrolled for a certificate Program in Theology of Sustain-able Community Development. Little did he know that was going to be a turn around on his life.
After graduating in September 2017, he de-cided to explore new oppor-tunities by practicing what he had learnt. He registered company and named it “NAFDAN Enterprises limited” dealing with general cleaning and supply. He applied for contract in nearby Kericho multi -tea companies.

To his surprise, his dream came nocking on his door. He got a contract with one of the largest Tea companies.
Currently, Daniel, former em-ployee of Kenya Tea Develop-ment Authority, is serving as a Managing Director of NAFDAN. He has employed over 20 young people so far dealing with vari-ous types of general cleanliness.
A father of four children, Daniel is a member of Africa Inland Church, Kericho town serving as worship pastor. As part of his apprecia-tion for the training, he donated utensils for TCN staff use in the office.
Daniel seeks to grow his company so as to employ more young people thus addressing joblessness within the county of Kericho.

“Education is not just about acqui-sition of knowledge and skills so as to seek for job opportunities but it is also more importantly to create employment. Indeed, ideas have consequences. Transformed mindset is a fertile ground for ideas that generate resources for community transfor-mation.”Daniel

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